PowerHouse Ferro-Resonant – Forklift Battery Charger

PowerHouse Ferro-Resonant Forklift Battery Charger

The ferro-resonant, Scott-T design of the PowerHouse Ferro 100 charger will significantly reduce the electricity costs associated with lift truck charging. Both single and three phase chargers are over 83% efficient and have a power factor greater than 0.95. The inherently stable ferro-resonant design maintains DC output within 1%, even with up to 10% AC power fluctuations. The Ferro 100 Charger is able to fully recharge a 100% discharged battery to a full state of charge in 8 hours, while the fail-safe ferro-resonant design protects your batteries from overcharging.

Low Maintenance for your Forklift Battery Charger

Maintenance costs are virtually zero for PowerHouse Ferro 100 Chargers. The only routine maintenance required is an occasional cleaning with low pressure air to remove dust and dirt accumulation. All of the components are easily accessible from the front of the charger and the chargers all have a low center of gravity for save handling and stacking. The Ferro 100 chargers are all convection cooled, so no fans are required even when they are stacked. All PowerHouse chargers feature a durable and attractive baked-on epoxy finish and can be safely stacked three high.

Charger Controls Extend Battery Life

The PowerHouse microprocessor based dl Plus and dl Super Controllers automatically deliver the precisely timed charges that lead-acid batteries need to operate at peak performance. Built-in safety features virtually eliminate operator errors. Manual or automatic equalize charge patterns minimize grid corrosion, eliminate sulfating and prolong battery life. All PowerHouse Ferro 100 chargers come with three standard features:

  • Automatic start eliminates operator errors
  • Flush mounted and sealed controls cannot be fouled by dirt or moisture
  • Checks for correct battery voltage before charging begins
  • 12-hour override timer protects the battery
  • Charging automatically resumes after an AC power interruption

Optional Items for All Ferro 100 Chargers

    • Remote control via remote mounting of the charger control boards
    • Special leads available for individual charging situations, including series charging, parallel charging and explosion proof batteries (EX)
    • JIC-approved flange-mounted disconnect switch with push-to-test light prevents cabinet opening with power on
    • Wall mounting brackets
    • Battery watering module – a solenoid valve automatically waters the battery at the optimal point during the charge cycle

Chargers are available with dI Plus or dI Super controls

dI Plus Control

  • Self Diagnostic
  • Adjustable start delay from 5 seconds to 7 hours 45 minutes in 15 minute increments
  • Monitors voltage and current changes to determine the ideal length of charge time (dVdT/dIdT)
  • Manual or automatic equalize, can be set from every cycle to every 7th cycle
  • Battery refresh cycles keep cells at maximum charge
  • Detects hot batteries and shuts down
  • Pre-wired for the optional automatic watering control
  • Large, bright digital display

dI Super Control – All dI Plus Control Features Plus:

  • Programmable start delay by minute or time of day
  • Manually or automatically equalizes by cycle or day of week
  • Self-Diagnostic
  • High visibility two-line alphanumeric display
  • No optional external programming device required
  • Charge parameters are easily set from the “plain English” menu
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time
  • Capable of two-way communication with the optional Crown Battery Manager networked battery room management system

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