Planned Maintenance

MCP offers custom planned maintenance programs that can help you reduce your equipment repair costs, lower your equipment down-time and allow you to get the most out of your battery and charger fleet. The program can be tailored to fit your usage requirements and equipment operation.

Battery Planned Maintenance Includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of all components: cables, connectors vent caps, cell covers, compound, tray, single point watering, etc.
  • Voltage readings on every cell and specific gravity readings of target cells
  • Replacement of missing or damaged vent caps at no charge
  • Replacement of damaged intercell connector covers at no charge
  • Battery cables will be spot tied in correct position
  • Water additions will be made during inspection
  • Minor cable damage will be repaired with heat shrinkable tubing at no charge
  • Additional charges will apply for the replacement of battery cables or watering system parts
  • Inspection report included with Battery Scheduled Maintenance

Battery Wash can be added to Battery Planned Maintenance

  • Neutralization and cleaning of battery in wash station
  • All waste is disposed of in EPA compliance

Charger Planned Maintenance Program

  • Visual inspection of all components: cables, connectors, wiring, ammeters, timers, control boards, contact tips
  • Testing of charger operations for safety and accuracy
  • Charge rates are tested and recorded
  • Minor cable damage will be repaired with heat shrinkable tubing at no charge
  • Charger cabinet will be cleaned externally
  • Cables and control boards will be at an extra cost

Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up on a Battery PMP agreement, what is the benefit?

  1. Longer battery life.
  2. Better battery performance.
  3. Catch potential problems before they develop into big expensive problems (watering, over/under discharging, and replacing bad cells before they ruin others).
  4. Accurate battery/charger records.

What if I don’t have battery problems now?

  1. Changes can occur from within a battery from cell to cell that are hard to detect until the whole battery is in bad shape. A scheduled maintenance program helps to catch these problems at an early stage, saving costly repairs.
  2. Do you have acid damage and corrosion on your batteries, floors, and truck compartments? A PM program helps to keep the battery, floor, and truck clean.
  3. We observe and correct cable and connector damage on a regular basis.

Why do chargers need to be serviced?

  1. Cables, connectors, start and finish rates, changes in output current, different current needs of aging batteries, these must be checked and corrected to insure proper current is being delivered to the battery.

I was sold a five-year warranty with this battery, why should I get a PM?

  1. Watering the battery is not enough to insure long life and good performance. Electrolyte levels change so they must be checked regularly and adjusted. Cables and connectors must be free from damage so the battery can deliver its stored power. Batteries must be cleaned to help prevent corrosion damage. Individual cells must be checked for voltages and records must be kept to keep small problems small.
  2. If one neglected cell in a battery goes bad, it can pull the other cells down, ruin the battery and void the warranty.
  3. Over discharging, undercharging, shorts to the tray, are all things that can void a manufacturers warranty. A proper PM program helps you detect and correct these things before they get you into trouble.

Can I afford a PMP program?

  1. You can’t not afford a PM program! The average battery costs $3,500- protect your investment. PM service can help you maximize all the benefits of electric power.
  2. Do you perform regular service on your own vehicle? Take care of your battery and charger fleet as well as you take care of your car. You will reap the benefits.