MAX-HAUL – Providing 20% more power with flat plate technology

The Crown MAX-HAUL is a high-capacity battery that utilizes flat plate technology. With MAX-HAUL you get the performance claimed by manufacturers of a tubular constructed battery, but with the long life that a flat plate provides. Crown has been able to develop this increased run time with a new plate design, active material composition and manufacturing process.

The MAX-LIFE battery can provide 20% more power out of the same battery footprint. A traditional 125-13 V-Line battery has a jar height of 28.5″ and has a 750 Ah capacity at a 6 hour rate. The new MAX-LIFE 155MX-13 has the same dimensions and has a 930 Ah capacity at a 6 hour rate. That is a 24% increase in power!

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Written by Nathan Hipps

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