MAX-HAUL High Capacity Forklift Batteries – 20% More Power

Innovating a new cell design that combines the best that tubular and flat-plate have to offer.


The Best of ‘Both’ Worlds – MAX-HAUL delivers the reliability and tough, long-lasting performance of traditional flat-plate batteries…with the higher capacity and cycle performance claimed by tubular plate batteries. With four years of engineering development and extensive testing, the MAX-HAUL design outperformed similar high-capacity tubular batteries in side-by-side field trials. In very tough conditions it ran longer and cooler than the competition – which means more production and longer life. MAX-HAUL by Crown. The world’s new “super-power” in industrial batteries for material handling equipment.

BEST of ‘Both’ Worlds for Motive Power Needs

  • Some tubular batteries claim a “special effect” that offers more power and longer running time than flat plate batteries. MAX-HAUL’s 3P design puts that claim on notice – with a new Plate design, new Paste (active material) and a new Process. This innovative MAX-HAUL product design delivers the benefits of both traditional flat-plate and tubular designs.
  • With an industrial battery product range that includes our traditional flat-plate designs plus the proprietary high-capacity MAX-HAUL batteries, Crown offers customers five power choices that deliver more flexibility and best-available value for your equipment investment.
  • In addition to its industry leading standard motive power batteries, Crown Battery now offers more options (Std., OC, H2Go, OFC & MAX-HAUL) for power with MAX-HAUL, accessories and charging strategies. With the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership), you can put more money into your operation, so you can “haul” the maximum amount of product and maximize your haul.
  • Crown Battery has a reputation for working closely with independent agents, OEM’s and equipment operators to ensure that batteries meet and exceed performance expectations. With a proven track record for battery productivity and life, Crown’s batteries are the materials handling industry’s first and best choice for motive power. GET the MAX!

Flat-plate Characteristics:

  • Good electrical performance
  • Long cycle and battery life
  • Tough and more durable in applications with vibration
  • Better reserve of AM (active material) for longer life
  • Better distribution of lead mass (grid) for current distribution and longer grid life.

Tubular plate Characteristics:

  • Good electrical performance claiming “higher” voltage
  • Greater surface area exposes more AM to electrolyte
  • Concentrated lead mass in splines decreases alternative paths for current distribution
  • Less insulating and compressive materials lead to poor vibration tolerance
MAX-HAUL Product Specifications/Ratings
Cell Type KWH @ 6 Hr. Rate AH Cap. @ 6 Hr. Rate Est. Cell Weight
110MX-05 0.427 220 30
110MX-07 0.640 330 42
110MX-09 0.854 440 54
110MX-11 1.067 550 66
110MX-13 1.280 660 78
110MX-15 1.494 770 90
110MX-17 1.707 880 102
110MX-19 1.921 990 114
110MX-21 2.134 1100 126
110MX-23 2.347 1210 138
110MX-25 2.561 1320 150
110MX-27 2.774 1430 162
155MX-05 0.601 310 43
155MX-07 0.902 465 60
155MX-09 1.203 620 77
155MX-11 1.504 775 94
155MX-13 1.804 930 111
155MX-15 2.105 1085 128
155MX-17 2.406 1240 145
155MX-19 2.706 1395 162
155MX-21 3.007 1550 179
155MX-23 3.308 1705 196
155MX-25 3.608 1860 213
155MX-27 3.909 2015 230

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