Does your battery look like this? If so, it is time for a battery wash.

Proper forklift battery maintenance goes beyond monitoring the electrolyte levels in each battery cell. Maintaining a clean battery is also very important to the proper operation of your lift truck’s electrical system.

Batteries can develop a chalk-like substance on top of the battery cell covers and around the seams of the battery tray.This is a combination of dust, dirt, and dried-electrolyte. The dust and dirt is not much of a concern, but due to the inclusion of the dried-electrolyte solution, you might be developing a serious electrical problem.

This residue is a conductor and can provide a path for stray current. Several strange electrical issues have been developed due to this stray current. Lift trucks can behave improperly or electrical components can fail because of this situation. The electrical components in your lift truck were an expensive investment; providing additional protection to these components with an affordable battery cleaning might lower your long-term equipment maintenance costs.

before a battery cleaning

Before MCP Battery Cleaning

After a battery cleaning

After MCP Battery Cleaning

Written by Nathan Hipps

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