Custom Change-Out Systems


A properly designed Battery Room is essential for good battery maintenance and battery handling safety. For multi-shift operations that utilize two or three batteries per truck, an overhead bridge crane is the best way to maximize your floor space. Let MCP assist you with designing a effective, safe battery handling area.

Design Features:

  • Centralized Charging and Maintenance
  • Match your batteries by group type/charger type
  • Two or Three ton Capacities
  • Multi-row battery layout
  • Custom room designs to meet your facilities’ requirements

Each system is custom built and supplied with:

  • Rugged I-Beam construction – built for abuse
  • CM Lodestar ® Chain Hoist and Motor Trolley
  • Budgit® End Trucks and motor drives
  • Festoon power cabling for bridge and hoist
  • 8 Pushbutton remote: Up-Down/Right-Left/Forward-Backward
  • Acid Spill Kit
  • Eyewash/Drench shower
  • Insulated battery floor supports
  • Complete turnkey installation by MCP crew